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My name is Belle Laide Paris and I’m from Paris (you probably already got that from my name). I am a fashion brand, artist collaboration and a platform that supports and promotes young creators. I was born from an idea that no drawing should be waisted, aspiring artists ought to be celebrated and the art itself, live a life alongside with us.

Every few months, I find on Instagram a new little soul, a whole different world of a young artist that captures me and doesn’t let go. I put their creations on my t-shirts so that they can be seen and loved, and the artist, celebrated.

I use my marketing experience to promote and guide the artist I am collaborating with. Working on all my platforms to advertise them and their unique work, making sure the world knows about these great artists.

While designing the T-shirts, I got inspired by my boyfriend’s old tee. It was thicker than any other T-shirts I have ever owned. I was fascinated by the details, the structure and the way it laid on him, it was nothing I have ever seen in women’s wear. This is how The Classic T-shirt was born. I wanted to create my own “perfect white tee” with a James Dean twist. One, you can always count on, one that makes you feel powerful, edgy and cool. Wherever you’re going, it’s there for you. Making you look and feel like your best self.

Both T-shirts I hand measured myself (it only took me like 7 months to get it right, but hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day), after that I handpicked the materials, thicker than normally used for women’s shirts and found a manufacturer who constructed them for me. The T-shirts were born in Paris and made in Poland. All the embroidery is done by hand, in Paris.

!!! The collections are very limited, duration of the collaboration with one artist is the only time to get the t-shirts of that artist. After that, a new collaboration begins and no more t-shirts with the previous designs are being produced. !!!



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